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Changemakers Raised $4,000,000 for Nonprofits + Launching Unite4:Humanity

Members of our team helped producers raise $4,000,000 at the inaugural unite4:humanity awards for its founding partners and affiliate charities. The annual ceremony went on to support over 100 nonprofits around the world.

Photo By: Joe Scarnici (2nd Annual u4:h)

Unite4:Humanity was an annual award ceremony and gala that took place during the Thursday before the Academy Awards. First held in 2014 with marketing and fundraising support from Create Impact's affiliate Always In The Club Foundation, the unite4:humanity gala celebrated humanitarian efforts and philanthropists throughout the world, giving awards in several different fields.

Founding partners and affiliates included Keep A Child Alive,, Points of Light / Hands on Network, Jenesse Center, UNICEF-United Kingdom, and UNESCO, among many others.

Thank you letter delivered to the Lead Fundraiser:

Thank you for your efforts in fundraising for our inaugural February 27, 2014 unite4:humanity Gala at Sony Pictures Studios with President Bill Clinton. The event was a huge success and this was due, in no small part, to your efforts. We were able to endow $1 million to the Clinton Foundation and an additional $3 million to our founding affiliate charities.... Personally, I would like to thank you for originally bringing this amazing concept to us over a year ago and for helping us to secure the bulk of our fundraising during the last months of the campaign. Additionally, the team you assembled to assist with sales & sponsorships was invaluable and an extraordinary asset to the overall effort." - Ryan Hampton, Finance Director for unite:4humanity

Some notable guests at the event included:


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